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The REAL Film & TV Production Business Exposed...

“Life in the movie business is like the beginning of a new love affair: it's full of surprises, and you're constantly getting fuc%ed” - David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) OMG!

Our Live Podcast "Demystifying The Set: A Conversation With Film & TV Professionals" was LIT lololololol!!!!!

Sold Out....

Better than we could ever have imagined….

It was beautiful to see the faces behind the names that write us emails, answer our survey questions and drop us notes on social!

...And we are truly humbled by your passion and dedication...

Our Distinguished Panel was so on fire that the room was practically vibrating with positive and focused energy... And the fallout has been absolutely MAGICAL!

Our Distinguished Live Panel of Film Industry Contacts

Since a few of you asked that we extend the deadline for the 1-time Super Discount on the PA Intensive & Set Etiquette Class on January 28....

We did...

But only until 12:00am Monday morning!

Yes, I want to get an additional 10% off of the Early Bird Subscriber Price for the PA Intensive and Set Etiquette Class

(And if you really want it, you might want to do it now before the price goes up!)

In the meantime, we will be posting video and photos of the awesome time we had "Demystifying the Set". So...

Join our IG Family:

Like us on Facebook at:

Check out (my attempt at) FB Live HERE

But wait! before we go...

Much much much love to our partner The BIG Picture Foundation for helping us provide all of this FREE goodness to you. We LOVE them and they LOVE YOU :) <3 (:

Check them out HERE

Also, Thank You to You -

For coming out every month to support and engage with us as we fulfill our commitment to provide you opportunities to have a Film & TV Career that makes your family proud :)

Now, we’d love to hear from you.

Which part of the panel's advice was most impactful for you? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Cool and Creative people come here for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone have an amazing Aha Moment.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Wishing you the best,


Co-Founder & CEO

P.S. Make sure to register now for the PA Intensive & Set Etiquette Class at a Massive Discount!!!!!

Because if you don't do it now, you'll probably hate yourself later.

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