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About Rule The Set

Training, Experience, Mentorship



Rule The Set is a tv and film set education and career development company. We provide coaching, resources and tools to start and build a successful career in the tv and film production business.

As the premier tv and film set education company in the country, founded by internationally recognized veterans in the entertainment industry, we have developed the systems, tools, educational platform and coaching programs to accelerate new and existing on-set crew workers.

Actively working on tv and film sets, we are uniquely built to provide crew members with the up to date education, cutting edge systems and resources for production and employment success.


Rule The Set was the result of a convergence of three passions; Making TV and Movies, Entrepreneurship and Teaching. As successful producers we discovered the freedom and lifestyle these passions afforded us. Rule The Set is our vehicle to share, teach and inspire crew everywhere.


We offer the most advanced and comprehensive set education. Our flagship program, in partnership with The Big Picture Foundation, The "Rule The Set Live Seminar Series", is a monthly chat with the best and brightest in the Film & TV Biz.  Providing communities with all of the free  tools, resources, knowledge and systems necessary to start and grow a career in the TV and Film Industry.

Our Team




The Rule The Set team has been educating, mentoring and promoting

tv and film production students across the country since 2004.


Our unique approach is highly sought after because we provide our students

with the blueprint to start or grow a successful and fulfilling film and tv career.

Our company is based on a fusion of intense passion and continuous education.

We take pride in challenging ourselves and others; in the work we do,

sharing knowledge with our students, and inspiring the changes they’ve always

wanted to make in themselves and for their families.


It starts with Tommy and Afrika. Their vision, work ethic and endless desire to improve themselves and the business inspire everyone in the Rule The Set Community to do the same.


The Rule The Set family has formed a culture of being passionate about what we do. Our ceaseless effort to be the best is how our education and coaching program has garnered buzz and changed the lives of our students.


Because we continue to produce, write, direct, dp and media manage for major networks, studios and production companies and navigate the constantly changing tv and film production market, our education and coaching is always evolving to deliver real-time, relevant training and resources.

Tommy Burns

Co-Founder Rule The Set


Tommy, Co-founder of Rule the Set, is one of the most successful Director/DPs in the nation. He has worked hundreds of TV shows, commercials and films during his exciting career.


He founded Rule The Set with the simple idea of sharing his knowledge and passion for film and tv production with aspiring students. As a graduate of Morehouse University and Full Sail, Tommy attributes his success in business and the entertainment industry to coaching, education and systems. His clients include Warner Bros., ABC, Coca Cola and the US Air Force.


Afrika Jonee'

Co-Founder Rule The Set


Afrika Jonee', Co-Founder of Rule The Set and President of

TAp Media House, is a premiere Creative Executive Producer and Branding Expert. She has executive produced films such as "All Or Nothin'", "Field Craft" and "Willy Zane".


As an experienced entrepreneur and project manager, she built TV's premier media management solutions company that specializes in efficient handling of sensitive data. Her clients include Netflix, FOX, NBC and the Oceanic Preservation Society. 


Nancy B. Howard

Founder and Executive Director of The Big Picture Film & Video Foundation, and Founder and Executive Producer the Georgia BigPictureCon Film & Technology Conference. 



Nancy is an independent film and video producer with over 18 years of production experience.  She was previously the Executive VP and & COO of Kiss The Limit Productions, a boutique film, video and web production company which has produced corporate projects for Coldwell Banker, Atlanta Medical Center, USAID, Coca-Cola Federal Credit Union, and Swiss Trilingual School, among others.  Nancy is a current member and former Board Member of Women in Film & Television Atlanta, and currently a member of the Atlanta Film Society. 

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