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When Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is in the House...

(Joe Stallworth, DoP for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, explains how to express your vision.)

Hey Love :) Guess what?

Our event "Working Film & TV Professionals Talk: Camera Department" at Wolf Creek Library was EPIC!!!!!

Amazing and beautiful and fantastic….

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who was in the house with us. We had an awesome experience…

The response since has been crazy… Absolutely ridiculous!

(So, super sorry you missed it if you didn't make it...)

Much much love to our Panelists: (l to r: Brock Isbell, Pedro Escobar, Mikenzie Lewis, Moderator Tommy Burns and Joe Stallworth.)

RTS Camera Panel Laughs

Our Working Panel answered so many of your questions that we closed Wolf Creek Library down....

Like I said before... We're here for you!!!!!!

We want to answer ALL of your questions and to be sure that we are serving people who are serious about advancing their career, attracting the right contacts and achieving their dreams! We're completely humbled and super excited to say that so many of you who attended the Class loved the experience so much.... ...that registrations to our Basic Camera & Lighting Class have doubled.


Somebody is serious about their career....

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We are dedicated to your Film & TV Career Success <3

Wishing you the best,


Co-Founder & CEO

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