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Happy New Year and 4 Bonus Gifts for You...

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one!"

- Brad Paisley - Award Winning Country Singer & Songwriter

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

We've got lots in store for you in 2017 ...

1. Enroll in our January PA Certification & Set Etiquette Course where you will get the experience and film industry contacts you need to work in this super small, referral heavy business.

2. Join us for the next FREE 2 -Hour Seminar where you get timely and relevant information from working Film & TV Industry Professionals.

Gain valuable film industry contacts in a relaxed and supportive environment.

3. Get answers to your most burning questions in our Sunday Articles.

Inspired by YOU...

Where all of our subscribers' social media, email and survey questions are answered every Sunday!

...And if that's not enough...

4. Get FREE gifts, access to Information, Resources and Production JOBS you can't find anywhere else!

All of this and more are coming for you!!

When you SUBSCRIBE -------->------->--------->--------->---------->--------->--------->

We are truly dedicated to your Film & TV Career success!

Because, as we always say...

We will probably have to work with you one day! So, make sure you know what you're doing :)

Wishing you the best Happy New Year,


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