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6 Things You Should Never Put On Your Film & TV Resume

How to Be a Production Assistant Resume Format

Part of the "How to Be a Production Assistant" Series.

“There is no failure, only feed back.”

– Robert Allen, Author - " The One Minute Millionaire"

If you're like the rest of us, (human beings ;)... this story may seem a little too familiar:

You make a connection with a Film & TV Professional at a Rule the Set Seminar or networking event.

You talk a little.

You exchange cards.

Then they ask you for your resume...

And there it is!

Another opportunity for you to get a job On Set, make a great impression and start an amazing career...

You should be happy right?

But the truth is, you have no production experience or references...

...and only a couple of film school credits or corporate positions that you think don't relate...

What do you do then?

Production Assistant Resume Mistakes

Well, since resumes are extremely important to getting booked in the Production Business, It's a must that you create an effective one!

*A Film & TV Production resume is nothing like a corporate resume!

*Totally NOT what we've received from online production job service candidates.....

*Not even what we've received from Film School Students....

You want to work in this business... But how do you know what format your resume needs to be in and what information it needs to contain?

A couple of our subscribers asked me this question in the parking garage after our 1st FREE Monthly Seminar.

And up until last week, the scariest thing I had ever seen was that clown on AHS.... Then I got a few Production Assistant Resume submissions!

(So, Hi Dean and Ra'chel! This is for you ;))

6 Things You Should Never Put on Your Film & TV Production Resume:

1. Job Descriptions

Production Assistant Resume

Why Not?

Because anyone who wants to hire you as a Production Assistant already knows what a Production Assistant does....

Job Description = Waste of Space

2. Your Objective

Production Assistant Resume Mistakes

Why Not?

Because the only objective you need to have is being the best PA you can be in order to help Production reach It's Objective.

To have the best shoot ever!

Your Objective = Waste of Breath

3. References

production assistant resume

Why Not?

Because the Film & TV Production Business is small.

It's likely that the person hiring you knows someone... or someone who knows someone who worked on the last project you were booked on.

They will call somebody to find out about you if they are considering hiring you and need a reference.

References on Your Production Resume = Waste of Time

Btw, to this day, I have no idea who referred me to manage media for Season 1 of American Grit on FOX. It had the highest payout of any reality show ever that turned union.

(If you happen to be reading this... Thank You <3)

I am forever grateful!

4. Expensive (Pretty) Resume Paper

Production Assistant Resume Mistakes

Why Not?

Ummmmm, I know what you're thinking... Paper Resume? Who does that anymore?

Well, hardly anybody lol. Most of the time you will submit your resume electronically.

However, if you're ever asked for a paper resume....

Linen - Monogram - Scented - Colored Paper = Total Waste of Money

Just print it on a regular piece of white copy paper :)


5. Acting Work

cary grant,rosalind russell, ralph bellamy, actor, production assistant training

Why Not?

Because no one cares that you act when they're hiring you as a PA.