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Host a FREE RULE THE SET Masterclass

Be our Host and Train for FREE...

Benefits of Becoming a Hosting Partner

Leadership Role in your Region

Demonstrate your school or organization’s commitment to its' students and member's success

while showcasing your purpose to others.

Schools, Non Profit Organizations and Businesses 

often use Free Rule The Set Masterclasses to generate employment opportunities and goodwill within their city.

Free Training for Host

As a Host, you get 2 FREE tickets to the next 

PA training class.


You can keep them for yourself, sell to your customers or give them away as gifts or prizes to your students, members, customers or employees. It’s our way of saying Thank You...

Your Community Will Thank You

High SchoolsColleges and Universitites, Industry Trade OrganizationsProduction CompaniesStudios,

Vendors, and Houses of Worship are seeking solutions on how to respond to the growing need for content and the 50,000 jobs that are available on TV and Film production crews in the US alone.

No Travel Cost


The course is held at or near your school or organization, that way, your people stay on site for an increased amount of time.


This cuts down on travel time and hotel expenses for you and your organization.


How To Break Into the TV and Film Business

Learn Current and Time-Tested Techniques to Break Into the TV and Film Business in this FREE 2 hour seminar.

10 Small Businesses that Make Big Bucks on TV and Film Productions

Learn the 10+ small business that are in the highest demand for service contracts in TV and Film production cities in this FREE 2 Hour Seminar.

How to Be a TV or Movie Location in 5 Simple Steps

This FREE 2 Hour Seminar will explain easy ways to make more money and get massive exposure for your business by renting your property to big budget TV and Film productions.

20 Ways to Make Thousands in Extra Income on Your Next Production

Increase your Day Rate without increasing your workload! Learn secrets only the Pros know and will never tell you in this FREE 2 Hour Seminar.

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Why wait? Host a Rule The Set Master Class.



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