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DO YOU dream of being a professional Photographer, Camera Operator or DP?

DO YOU want to shoot a great film, TV or web project but don't know where to start?

HAVE YOU purchased camera equipment or lights but don't know how to take the next step?

DO YOU want to join the 286 BILLION Dollar Film & TV Production Industry, but have no idea how to break in?


There's never been a better time to write and publish books for children and young adults than today! 
Children's books are consistently the strongest growing sector of the publishing industry - and publishers, educators and librarians are constantly seeking great new books for young readers.   

Basic Camera & Lighting contains everything you need to know to create great moving and still images, from developing your idea to lighting and shooting it successfully! Including...


Learn how to use the buttons, sliders, controls and menus on your video camera, dslr or iphone. If you are a new camera owner and don't have a clue of how to focus, white balance, zoom or adjust the iris on your camera, you're not alone.




Determine who What are some key texts/books to read for someone new to the film industry? Specifically for cinematographers




Basic Camera Lighting

How to create a lighting concept and choose the best light style for different types of productions.

The #1 thing I struggle with when it comes to growing my career is what strategy do I take to get to where I wanna be and of course how do I get started. I'm stranded like what to do, how to do it. I just don't know...I'm trying to start off as being an extra, but how do I even do that successfully


What do you do when something goes wrong? When you don't have what you need? Or you just don't know what to do? Tommy will share his secret "saves" that will get you out of any On-Set crisis.


This might be the most important part. Master rate negotiations,  practice strategies for ***** and review best practices for filling out common paperwork with no hassles.


Imagine having an Award Winning Director / Director of Photography as your guide...


Tommy Burns, a highly successful film and television producer/director, who has 20 years experience in the "business", has taught his workshops to students who have gone on to Produce and Executive Produce major network TV series and feature films.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, he's turned his art into a logical, sustainable business working independently with major brands such as MTV, VH1, Lifetime, Coca Cola, Warner Brothers and the US Air Force.

As co-founder of the successful TV & Film production workshop series Rule The Set, his educational courses and mentorship programs have given his students the training 
and access they need in order to get premium jobs and get hired over and over again..

Tommy is an artist, but what matters most to you is that he is also an entrepreneur who understands how to shape the stories he wants to tell into the concepts, tv shows, commercials and films that networks and distributers can’t wait to buy.

Now, he's offering the same information and training to you... for a fraction of the cost, and accessible entirely from the #1 Film & TV Production town in the world, beautiful Atlanta, GA!

Act Now and Receive These Bonuses!


* Lighting Charts     
* Cinematographer's Resource List    
* Shot List Examples  
* Unique opportunities to ask questions and be mentored by 
* A $50 Gift Certificate toward any of Rule The Set's online or in-person classes

A Word from Tommy

DO YOU dream of  being a professional  photographer or camera operator?

Saturday August 19, 2017
10am - 6pm / EST
Atlanta GA


Why put off taking your camera and lighting skills to the next level?

At universities like the ones where Tommy teaches, courses like this cost $1,500+

If you were to train with Tommy one-on-one, the cost would be $9,550.

You can join Basic Camera & Lighting today and get the same exact information for only $397!


100% Money Back Guarantee
if ************

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